• Top Bolt - Episode Followup

    As we near the end of the season, everyone always freaks out and gives me followups after realizing our schedule from way back in March is totally not going to happen for them this far out. Luckily I loved this episode despite it's lack of Trixieness and am more than willing to grace you all with my incredibly uhhh.. different take on ponyland.

    Our new duo with it's top sneezer and completely oblivious "best Stratusburg flyer" have a lot going for them.

    Below the break, we get real, we intervention Sky Stinger, and we take a bunch of screencaps of the cutest new pegasus on the show. Go get your episode followup down below!

    That is the expression of a Wonderbolt who is sick of a newer employee's shi...sugarcubes.

    I wonder what it's like to live every day knowing that at any given moment, your butt can suddenly vibrate and an irresistible call to destiny will follow.

    Then again, I guess we kind of live in that world now though don't we? I've had a few times when I was walking out the door only for my butt to vibrate and scream "GO POST THIS PONY NEWS, YOUR RL FRIENDS CAN WAIT. THEY ARE USED TO IT BY NOW".

    Cell phones sure are convenient...

    Glimmy ♥

    You know she's best bros with Spike now right? Setting us up for her inevitable takeover in season 7* when Twilight is called away to important friendship business in a neighboring empire? Everyone knows she's being prepped for another major fandom shattering change. It has been so long since the last one, I almost feel like it's getting kinda boring around here. 

    *please don't kill me

    For those that missed the Angel Wings news, this pony is actually a Make-A-Wish Foundation character addition. I kind of expected that with the favorite pony bit. She's really cute too!

    The ponies in this scene are making airplane sounds. As far as I know, feathers and hooves don't do that. Unfortunately this may be the first time we've seen Lauren Faust's original canon in action. 


    Obligatory Poni Pile

    I kid with Twilight earlier of course. I could never get rid of Nerdyponi for Glimglam. She still has her geek-out moments that I can't get enough of, and some of the most ridiculous facial expressions in the show.

     I also love her dynamic with Rainbow Dash. These two have always been my favorite pairing when we get episodes focused on a duo of ponies. Their ability to indirectly screw with one another is a joy to behold.

    When I first saw her, I knew I'd love Vapor. She's like a Flutterbolt or something. Absolutely adorable.

    I can't imagine anyone could ever be even slightly mean or disrespectful to her.
    Only an absolute monster would ever say anything or do anything bad to her.
    You'd need to literally be a bag of hate and terribleness to ever come close to considering her anything other than perfect.
    Especially if you've known her for more than a day. Or a lifetime.
    You'd need to be a demon from the darkest depths of the darkest setting on the darkest planet in the darkest galaxy to be anything but pleasant and nice to her if you've known her for life.



    *Angry email protection


    There are varying levels of obnoxious boasting that a pony can do in this show before it goes too far (and Trixie is perfect). Buttstinger went right to the edge the second he appeared. I was willing to give him a chance though. Maybe he's just having a bad day. Maybe he's not actually a douchebag regularly.

    But he keeps going. He can't help himself. He's like a quadruple Rainbow Dash. He's like Trixie without the cute mannerisms. He's like Iron Will without being a giant steroid filled minotaur. He's like a tornado of narcissism packed into a bad haircut.

    But Vapor likes him. Alas, maybe this little hellspawn has a good side.

    NOPE. He's terrible. I have no idea how old these two are, but I'm assuming early adult. How many years have you known Vapor Sky Stinger?! And you use her as a towel rack?


    Alright Assstinger, intervention time. Get over here, both of you.

    We can't let this go on any longer. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING. I don't know if you've noticed Sky, but Vapor here is freakin adorable. She's like a one in a million pegasus.

    And she obviously has a crush on you. Like, 19 years of wingponyness or however old you are and you still can't seem to pick up on it. Are you dumb or are you just that socially stunted?! 

    Don't worry Vapor, this has been a long time coming. I'm the paragon of knowledge in this area. Let Princess Seth fix this friendship problem. I know what I'm doing.

    So many colts would do anything for a pony like this adorable pegasus that follows you around everywhere. Don't let her get away. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but this one right here is nibblin' your shi**y budget store bait like it's a thanksgiving feast and she has been fasting for a month.

    She's obviously the better half in this. Clearly superior to you in every way. You can't not see that right? Even on Earth, I know an army of dudes that watch cartoon ponies every week who would be all over her.

    That's what I thought. I can feel the personality shift already. The respect permeating. I'm glad we did this. I feel better about you now Skydude. We cool.

    Don't be embarrassed Vapor. Like I said, I'm a pro. I'm the relationship god. "Seth gets ALL the mares" they say. "Leave some for us!" is basically goodbye for me.

    Good talk you two.


    That actually seems like a pretty great family right there. They might not look rich, but there is obviously a tight bond here. They care, but not to the point where they are going to coddle you into the point of being completely unprepared for life. You can't get away with a sob story like that Stinger.

    These two though, these are why we can't have comedians at college campuses anymore. The hyper-protection and always a winner attitude is the perfect breeding ground for a future self entitled safespace warrior.

    Obligatory cute foal image.

    I actually had a classmate that did something like this thinking the teacher and class would think it was hilarious. I've never seen such an opposite reaction though. She absolutely flipped.

    The class still thought it was hilarious though, even more-so with said teacher freaking out.

    She's even cute in a flight suit.

    It would not surprise me if a team at DHX just sits around in a big dimly-lit room and studies how to make ponies more and more adorable.

    I mean, best sneeze? Can we just slow it down a bit there? Fluttershy already killed half of us off since 2012. We don't need another round of heart disease and diabetes in this fandom.

    That's... some pretty epic obsession. It makes the next scene even worst.

    You can really feel the heartbreak. That pegasus is head over hooves in love.

    Luckily it didn't last long though. I don't think I could take a sad Vapor Trail for more than a few minutes.

    Even if I'm now super jelly.

    ....Right, just keep rubbin it in.

    Shifting focus, I really do think it's awesome that they did this Make a Wish thing. It's something the show has done before, and despite what some people say, I hope they keep it up. A few seconds with a random new OC granting a little girl's dream is heartwarming for everyone.

    Apparently we have another coming up in season seven. Keep an eye out for it.



    That word is cool now right? I'm running out of time here.

    This episode gets two hooves up from me! Not too rushed, fun new ponies to play with, and lots of awesome banter between Twilight and Rainbow. I can't really ask for more out of a cartoon horse episode. Sure the plot was simple and didn't shatter any writing world records, but it was a good one.

    I do wonder how none of the judges over in Stratusburg noticed the blatant cheating though. Maybe ponies are just too polite to bring it up? Or do we have a bunch of Dashie's worried about confidence levels?