• Legend of Everfree Remix Compilation - 5 Songs, Bronified

    Wow she's really cute as a pony. We have a bunch of remixes coming from the Legend of Everfree movie, some rushed, others with a lot more put into them. I'm sure we will see a ton of these over the next few weeks if past movies are any indication.

    Below the break, get five of them to dive into!

    [1] Source

    We Will Stand For Everfree (Euro Gaia Mix) by KingSpartaX37

    [2] Source

    The Midnight In Me (Notion Remix) by The Brony Notion

    [3] Source

    ~We Will Stand For Everfree~ Cover by Sky Paw 122

    [4] Source

    Legend You Are Meant To Be (Segments Of life Remix) by Segments Of Life

    [1] Source

    Midnight in me (cover by Elias Frost) by Elias Frost