• Customizable Pony Socks Heading to Legends of Equestria! Release Schedule Announced

    The SINGLE GREATEST UPDATE TO EVER COME OUT for Legend of Equestria has been revealed by the team over there. You can now completely customize the color of your socks! That's right, your special snowflake OC can now accent his or her pristine coat color with the precisely matched hoof warmers. A small demonstration can be found about that below the break if you want to see it in action.

    And in other news, they have a staggered release schedule set up so the game doesn't explode and they can iron out any bugs they run into. The first wave will be a few hundred, followed by opening the flood gates once the systems are tested out. A huge explanation on that can befound over at the forums.

    Anyway, get socks below!

    Thanks to Raven Star for the heads up