• Sunset Shimmer Day Story: The Nightmare I Need


    Author: Dubs Rewatcher
    Worthless, weak, ugly—as far as Twilight is concerned, that's all she'll ever be. Even three months into their relationship, Twilight still refuses to believe that an absolute goddess like Sunset could ever love a loser like her. And it doesn't help that Twilight spends every night being tortured by nightmares of Midnight Sparkle, the one being who hates Twilight more than she hates herself.

    Twilight can only remember a single moment in her life when she felt strong: the five minutes that she spent as Midnight Sparkle. The five minutes she spent with magic.

    Now, tortured by fear, anxiety, and never-ending nightmares, Twilight knows the only way to win Sunset's love is to make herself stronger—even if that means resurrecting the demon inside of her.

    The Nightmare I Need

    Additional Tags: Lesbians vs. Evil Demon Spirits