• Sunset Shimmer Day Dawns!

    The day is here my friends! Welcome to the first day of Autumn! Not only that but it's Sunset Shimmer Day as the hot days of summer starts to set for us here in the northern hemisphere. From humble days as a villain she has grown to be one of the big positives of the Equestria Girls series, with many who don't like the movies at least loving our bacon maned unicorn.

    Today we'll be bringing you artwork, stories, comics, crafts, plushies and more as we celebrate! Thanks to you all we received over 80 emails and I thank you all who followed our sorting system it is really helping us out.

    A note about today, as Sunset is heavily involved with Equestria Girls we are suspending using the tag but just for today. Things will go back to normal tomorrow!

    Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the day!

    Twitter: Calpain