• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Final Day

    Now that is a lot of prompts! Ponies sure do live interesting lives now don't they? I'd like to think we had some decent prompts for you guys to enjoy, borrowing from the old and combining with some new ideas while trying to keep them in an order that wouldn't be overwhelmingly challenging. Hopefully next time around we can offer the same quality for you guys!

    But that is the future, what's important is today! That's right guys, it is the final prompt for the ATG and the end of this long exercise that you all have put so much time and effort into. At the beginning of this event I was a little nervous of how successful the event would be, whether or not people would be interested in the prompts or stick with a 30 day program after our run of 15 day ATG events.

    But as time went on I knew I could count on you guys to deliver, taking our prompts in directions I couldn't imagine and pushing the envelope each and every day. I've heard from a few of you of how the ATG has inspired you to draw and how you're going to stick with it beyond our 30 days here, leaving a smile on my face with the knowledge the ATG has been successful in its goal of creating new artists. Not only that but we saw some fandom veterans participating as well, having fun and honing their skills, making me glow with happiness at how our event has managed to incorporate everyone. You all make me so proud and it humbles me to have you all listen to a silly science horse for 30 days giving you prompts, you guys are truly the best.

    While I can probably gush all night I bet you'd like your prompts and some statistics for tonight, right? Well tonight for our final makeup you guys brought in 102 ponies bringing us up to 5544 ponies in total! We did it guys, we broke 5500 ponies! Woo!

    Now onto your final prompt guys, are you ready? Every ATG we have ended the event the same way because today is your day whether you did one prompt or all of them. Today is your graduation and it's time to spread your wings so tonight I want you to draw a pony graduating/draw a pony party. As usual you can submit your artwork here.

    Onward to our makeup gallery! Get it after the break!

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