• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 18

    If you've seen Interstellar that is one sea you DO NOT want to be lost in that is for sure!

    Hello hello everyone! Hope you are having a good week and that drawing has found you well. I see our numbers have been slowly dropping which I speculate has a little bit to do with school starting as I myself have started university again this week. As a result I am going to implement a makeup day or two more than planned so that there is more wiggle room for those of you who still want to participate but are having trouble fitting it in with school eating into your schedule. We will have one where we would normally have day 20, another at day 25 and a final one at the end of the event itself.

    In the meantime we've got all sorts of drifting ponies tonight, a total of 142 ponies which brings our overall total to 4065 ponies, finally breaking the 4k mark! Woo!

    Since school is poking into our lives as well I thought it would be appropriate to draw a pony back at school/draw a pony learning. As usual you can find our submitter here!

    Twitter: Calpain