• Making Show Style Even Cuter! - Artist Interview with Centchi!


    Welcome to another round of our artist series, where we bother big name artists from around the fandom for an interview and spotlight. Quite a few interviews are already in the works, but if you have any recommendations feel free to do that!

    We actually spotlight Centchi before way back before interviews were added to these, so I figured I'd go for that secondary aspect as well since her style has become so iconic in the fandom over the years. Quite a few people have attempted to mimic it, and with good reason. It's pretty much the best upgrade to show style out there. Her heavy shading and highlights, complex poses, and excellent coloration really add an almost 3D feel to otherwise flat ponies

    Below the break, we throw some questions at her and spotlight some of the most recent and cool stuff she has done!

    Q:) How did you stumble upon My Little Pony? What was your "origin" story if you will?

    I stumbled upon My Little Pony on FaceBook one day. My old high school friend was super obsessed with it, so I would constantly see it all over my feed. Eventually I got so interested with the characters she was posting, that I just HAD to see what it was all about!

    Q:) What is the process you usually go through when drawing something new? What tools and programs do you use?

    References, motivation, experimentation, trial and error. I use Easy Paint Tool SAI and many, many, many different brushes!

    Q:) Do you draw professionally? Or is this a side thing to another career or job?

    Unfortunately drawing is a side thing I do to another job I have, but just like most free lance artist, it would be nice to make it professionally!

    Q: ) Let’s get the usual required question out of the way: Who is your favorite pony? And if it's different, who is your favorite pony to draw?

    Applejack! And do OC ponies count? LOL!

    Q:) What kind of challenges do you usually run into when drawing a character for the first time? Has there ever been an image concept that completely stumped you?

    Poses are usually always the biggest issue for me. Since I draw so many characters all the time, it's tough coming up with something new!

    Q:) Your art regularly pops up for big events like BronyCon in huge quantities, plus countless random OC commissions (including our mascot!). How long does stuff like that take to do? Is it tough to keep up with all the demand?

    A:) It depends on the complexity of the project. But on average it takes me about 1-2 hours to draw a single pony. BronyCon projects can take about two weeks just to make sure it's done correctly.

    Q:) Socks, sweaters, silly hats, swimwear, full body armor, ponies have worn it all. What is your favorite accessory to draw ponies in?

    A:) Socks. :3c

    Q:) What do you like most about Friendship is Magic? What keeps you drawing so many awesome ponies?

    I love everything about Friendship Is Magic! The characters, the storyline, the animation. It's all fantastic! Plus, they're freakin' adorable to draw!

    Q:) Do you have any tips for newbie artists looking to improve?

    Honestly, just keep practicing and don't ever give up! I know that sounds super corny, but it's true! There was a time in my life when I was saddened because I felt that the way I drew hair looked too stiff. I hated it and thought I'd never get any better at drawing hair, but now hair is my favorite thing to draw and I'm pretty happy with how I draw it currently! :)

    Q:) Why do you think My little Pony Generation 4 has been so successful? What keeps you here involved in the community?

    Well, obviously everything I stated before. The characters, the animation, and the storyline. But what keeps me involved here in the community is the AMAZING friends I've made over this six year journey!~♥

    Artist Favorites! 

    Centchi pointed out 10 of her drawings that were her favorite pieces. Have at them!











    More arts!


    BASEBALL bat. One thing I like most about Centchi is how she draws stallion snouts. It's a huge improvement over the regular show where they have always reminded me of dumpsters or something. 


    You've probably seen this pony a million times here by now.

    She mentioned hair in the interview being something she improved greatly on over the years, diving into her gallery really shows that off. The manes are flowy, segmented, and wonderful no matter how complex.


    These ponies are incredibly cute. If generation 5 releases some day and just adds her shading and highlighting it will be a huge hit.


    Most of the time, she draws OC's based on commissions, either directly or via her Livestream events. Since bat ponies OC's have grown so popular in the last few years for whatever reason, they tend to happen a lot.


    And we can't forget about best bat! She has drawn a lot of Sweet Velvet ♥


    We also commissioned her for some Spotlight Splash back a year ago when we first posted the mascots. It's still one of my favorite images of her.


    Even her spiders are cute. I'd let this thing live if it crawled up my leg.


    Ponies with pony plushies should be illegal!


    With how varied her commissioners are, it's always a joy to see what crazy designs they will request of her. A Centchi DA notification is pretty much always guaranteed to be adorable or cool.




    Her gallery is massive with how much demand there is for her style. I could post adorable ponies in here all day, but it might be best to just go visit directly!

    And that about covers it!

    Follow her journal for live-streams. As someone who was delving into art earlier this year, it's a great way to learn to draw adorable cartoon horses.

    Her comission prices vary and she doesn't have a price sheet. If you want one, you will have to note her for a quote!

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