• Discussion: Show Your Favorite Pony One Positive Thing About Earth!

    A portal has suddenly opened up in your room, and your absolute favorite pony has come tumbling out on to your lap. After fixing her mane and re-orienting, she goes into a tyrade about Twilight Sparkle waking her up in the middle of the night and launching her to your world while batting your hand away from rubbing belly without permission.

    Apparently she has a super important mission outside of giving you the cutest scrunchy face ever while complaining about the princess. She needs to bring the best possible something back from Earth to Equestria for SCIENCE.

    It can be anything from an idea, an object, or even just a wonderful experience to share. The choice is entirely up to you on what you pick. Take her to an exotic locale and buy her something incredible, or just show her the wonders of hands via ear scratches and hoof massages. Now that your briefing is done, you are now in control of her scientific expedition, along with permission to rub belly.

    Pick something in the comments!

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