• ATG Final Gallery

    Well everyone, here we are. Tonight is our very final gallery for the ATG, you've all graduated and now it is time to move on. It's been a joy to watch you all grow throughout this little event and as I've mentioned I'm so proud of all your work.

    For our final day you all pulled in 63 ponies bringing our final total to 5607 ponies altogether, an impressive number I must say. Just imagine it, in just one month you all have added thousands of ponies to the fandom and if you take your lessons here to heart hopefully thousands more in the future. You all are what help keep the fandom vibrant and alive and for that I salute you all. Keep it up, we're counting on you but most importantly make sure to have fun!

    With the ATG done it might be a little scary to head out there and think of prompts on your own or to continue your motivation, but I have one last gift for you to help you out as you head out into the world of pony art on your own. Graduates of ATGs past have set up up a group on deviantart tackling a vast number of prompts and helping each other grow as artists! Calling themselves the ATG Alumni Group they are an excellent resource for tutorials to help you hone your craft and find support from folks who undertook the same journey. You can find a link to them below.

    Now with great pleasure, I give you our final gallery after the break!

    If you have any prompt suggestions please leave them in the comments!

    ATG Alumni Group

    Twitter: Calpain