• Spanish Theater is Doing a Play on Bullied Brony

    Years ago, in a fandom much younger than our current one, a story appeared about a kid named Grayson that was bullied at school for having a Rainbow Dash backpack. Fast forward to 2016, and a Spanish theater group has scooped up the story for a stage based performance.

    The actual play happens from the 17th of August all the way to October 16th. For tickets, hit up this page.

    I've dropped the Google Translate version of their synopsis below for convenience.

    This work is inspired by real events that took place in the US during 2014.

    A Grayson, a nine-year-old, after suffering several physical and verbal attacks, he was banned from the school where he studied for wearing hanging behind a backpack of My Little Pony. The school management considered "harassment trigger" that Grayson class acudiera accompanied backpack of your favorite cartoon, accusing him of having caused "disruption in the classroom." Today, the school defends arguing that it had never intended to attack Grayson, it was a strategy to stop the harassment.

    A month earlier, and like Grayson, another boy of the same age, Michael Morones, had serious problems at school while reaching to happen something very similar. It was also a follower of the same cartoons.

    Thus, the famous animated series My Little Pony, which, paradoxically, devotes chapters to the magic of friendship and companionship values, has unexpectedly become one of the greatest symbols of the fight against bullying.

    This work is dedicated to Michael Morones, Bruce Grayson and all children who, like them, have suffered insults and attacks without any adults around them did anything about it.

    A play about bullying, that painful reality in which they live trapped ever more children around the world; a reflection on freedom, fear and self-protection; a portrait of blindness, ineptitude and social prejudices of adults.