• Audio Books: "Right Action", "Faded Dazzlings", "Queen... or Mother"

    And here we have one of our first audiobook postings after the new guidelines have been implemented! Have three audiobooks after the break! Thank you to everyone who has been sending them in and make sure to spread the word to all your favorite readers!

    1). Queen... or Mother? [Slice of Life][Drama]
    2). Faded Dazzlings [Equestria Girls][Slice of Life]
    3). Right Action [Romance][Slice of Life]

    Title: Queen... or Mother?
    Description: Only a few weeks have passed since the failed Changeling invasion and their following banishment from Equestria. Celestia, wishing nothing but peace across the entire continent, seeks out Chrysalis in her hive in an effort to sway her, to show her that there are other ways. She knows that convincing Queen Chrysalis that there are other ways than her own will be a difficult ordeal, but she has vowed to try regardless.
    Tags: Slice of Life, Drama
    Author: Kapuchu
    Narrator: Solar Pony

    Title: Faded Dazzlings
    Description: None provided.
    Tags: Equestria Girls, Slice of Life
    Author: Thejboy88
    Narrator: Wubcake

    Title: Right Action
    Description: Starlight likes Rarity. A lot. She decides to visit Rarity at her boutique and tell her.
    Tags: Slice of Life, Romance
    Author: Seventh Heaven
    Narrator: GutiuSerenade