• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Makeup Day!

    Ahhh, it was such a nice blast from the past to see all the enraged Twilight's in tonight's gallery. It's really hard to top such an epic furious scene like that, eh? But it wasn't all enraged Twilight's tonight as you guys pulled in 165 ponies for tonight, bringing our total up to 3295 ponies altogether as we reach the halfway point!

    With all that hard work comes, finally, a day of rest or a day for you guys to catch up on the previous prompts we've had for this ATG! I can see our numbers are slowly tapering off so hopefully with a day of rest and being able to tackle your favorite prompts again or ones you really wanted to do but couldn't will re-energize you guys. Our makeup day submitter can be found here!

    Check on after the break for all your awesome creations!

    Twitter: Calpain