• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 7

    You guys are doing wonderfully! We got a lot of fantastic ponies in space suits, quite a complex piece of attire to pull off, along with a number of great puns and some callbacks to Portal 2 as well. With that we enter into the end of the first week and with numbers remaining strong you guys are taking this event seriously, I'm so proud of you! Hopefully looking back on your first pony pic you can already see some improvement and even if you haven't yet we've only just begun so hang in there!

    Tonight we've gotten a total of 265 spacey ponies bringing our total to an impressive 1858 ponies! Keep it up my friends as we dive into today's prompt: draw a pony in a vehicle / draw a pony out for a spin as we tackle your abilities at making objects other than ponies, griffons, ect. I know you guys can do it!

    As usual you can find our newest submitter here and you can find our gallery after the break.

    Twitter: Calpain