• Episode Followup: The Times They Are A Changeling

     This episode in a nutshell. Source.

    Hello everyone, Vicodin here. I don't have a scene for you this time around because it's 4 am and my brain is fried. Instead of giving you an entire scene where I try to be funny, we can instead enjoy a followup where I try to be funny! That sounded better in my head. Awesome Spike episode followup after the break. Both the followup and the episode are/were awesome.

    "Oh I can't wait to give the friendship lesson this episode! I'm in it so that means I must be the main character!" Ha.

     Oh, Starlight, you silly. It's always friendship lesson time. At least within 22 minute intervals. Every week. With a hiatus every now and then. Okay fine not always, but close enough. Get off my back. Jeeze.

     I'm liking that "Definitely Not Spike" skin. I hope I can buy it soon.

    :c I can't make that face on a keyboard. :T :s :S :<
    Close enough. Skynet will soon invade. They know emojis. 

    This is what happens when Rarity doesn't make your outfits. You stick out more than a 15 paragraph episode review in the comments.

    Looks like an EQD panel at a convention. 

    Looks like the plushie has friend-zoned Spike too.

    We got two new writers on the scene for this episode: Chris "Doc" Wyatt and Kevin Burke. So far, I'm liking their use of dialogue. This definitely feels more like a cartoon than usual, and I like that from time to time. You can tell the difference between someone who's been writing for a while and someone who's just starting.

    Looks like the EFN website. 

    Vicodin's doing another followup! Run for the hills! That means more references, bad jokes, but enough "humor" to be funnier than anything Aquaman's done! Woe is us! Also dat animation error on that mare on the right. I just caught that. *ding* or whatever.

    Obligatory marshmallow pony hug and or "Hug me bronies!" face.

    For being thrown in the air, he sure has a swaggy posture. Swaggy is now a word.

    "Why are they treating him like normal? He's going to get the wrong idea."

    "But he's a dragon. How exactly does that work?"
    Get your mind out of the gutter. They're talking about clothes.

    I think they left once they realized that Spike could grow five stories tall and crush them like Squidward's hopes and dreams.

    "One's a Princess and the other enslaved an entire village of ponies and took away their cutie marks. Quite the catch, eh?"

     "I will destroy you and steal your f— oh wait wrong series."

    Technically right here Tara Strong is talking to herself. Is that normal? Only in voice acting. 

    Look at those guard smiles. That's "kid in a candy store" tier of smiling.

    Me when they ask how I'm still on this site. 

     I see the guards are doing their best Royal Guard impression by disappearing the moment they are needed. Now it's up to the main character to save the day!

    Hey, I don't blame Spike at all. If Maud has taught me anything, it's that rocks mean serious busgniess. 

     Spike visited the Mirror Pool and this was the result. New headcanon. No, it's not going to get broken a few seconds later by the actual new character of the story. This is my headcanon now. Try and stop me.

    That would most likely hurt Spike if his scales weren't made of adamantium or crippling self-doubt. Both are impervious to logic.

    Baby changelings are best changelings. Also is baby Thorax wearing a diaper? Are they born with diapers?  Are their eggs like a studio apartment? How much per month? Probably cheaper than where I am...

    Me when I actually have to go outside. 

    "Another changeling? Time to turn it into the Professor..." 

     "You had such a sad life, but don't worry! I'll fix it in 20 minutes or less! Sometimes! Depends on the episode!"

    "I have a brilliant idea! We'll get you a job as a Christmas tree! It's always cold up here so you'll always be needed!"
    "What's Christmas?" 

    Can I Thorax you a question? Why couldn't I have come up with a better joke? Why is life pain?

     "Just don't ask her to sign your body pillow and we'll be fine."
    Oh, wrong episode.

    And now we have the "kid in a candy store who crashed their dad's Lexus and for the sake of the joke, still wants candy for some reason so he's smiling like this" smile.

    That's racist. 

     Pouting Spike is now my go-to face for showing annoyance.

    Those guards jumped out of there like it was Thriller. 

     Me when Seth reminds me that I can't steal EQD and turn it into Diamond Tiara Daily.

     "I knew people ponies would have trouble being friends with me. Is it because I am a Spike fan?"

     "Oh, Spike, I didn't know you had friends!"

     I hereby decree this face the "Lesson Zero" face.

    "I do believe the party was... how do you say... lit? Like the Crystal Games' torch? Like Philomena back in Season 1?" I got nothing. 

    "Is 'don't pretend to be what you aren't' going to be the moral of this week?"
    "Nah that was a few seasons ago. This plan will go bottom up soon."


    "Aww man, my back is hurting from carrying this episode. How does everyone else do it?"

    Changelings can turn into other inanimate objects. This is important knowledge. Fanfic writers, write that down. Reviewers, pretend to keep that in mind.

    "Long live the King. Oh... you aren't a king? Well... I guess I'll save you then." The End.

    "Nice one, Aegis, you found him."

    "I mean I like stereotyping Changelings as much as those dirty Earth Ponies but is this really necessary?"
    Also something something Trump metaphor.

    Oh no, Spike. Everyone is against you and we only have a few minutes left in the episode! Whatever will you do? Red Weddin- I mean sing a song!

    And we have Spike's first song. Boy what an excellent one it is. I've listened to it around 4 times already, and I'm itching to see what remixes come of this piece. It's not bombastic or overbearing, and it's being used to serve a greater purpose: to save another's reputation. For those of you wondering "well why do their minds change after hearing a song?" my only answer is: welcome to cartoons.

    How To Train Your Changeling: You don't. That's like... the entire lesson this week dude. Changelings are things too.

    First Twilight realizes... 

    And then Starlight. Also Flurry Heart is sleeping I guess. An excellent visual nod from the animators to show the two students of friendship be the first to understand Spike's emotional turmoil.

    I see the teams have been auto-balanced, but it still seems a little unfair. The attackers have too many of the same hero.

     I wonder if Flurry Heart tastes like a crystal. Does love and happiness taste like crystals? Or does it just taste like the inherent desire to get out of bed and actually get things done. I want some of that.

    That would indeed be a neat way to see Queen Chrysalis again. Having her reformed or learning friendship lessons from Thorax or Princess Twilight? Season 7 hopefully? 

    And we have this neat exchange of dialogue to wrap up the episode in a little bow. While we've definitely seen numerous episodes show lessons being learned across Equestria, I'm always a sucker for referential dialogue, even if it's the beginning of its own episode.

    Well that's all I have for this time around! Despite all my jokes, this was truly an excellent Spike episode brought to us by writers that are new to the show, but not to excellent characterization. Make sure to give the writers Chris Wyatt and Kevin Burke a thanks on Twitter for such a good episode, or you can tweet at me @abagofvicodin. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all soon!