• 1 Week Reminder for FillyCon in Philadelphia

    FillyCon officially begins on the 26th of this month, and they have a 1 week reminder for anyone over in Philadelphia during the event. If you want in on it, you can register at the door with the guide below or online.

    Go get their reminder presser below!


    Registration Hours:

    Thursday 6pm-11pm
    Friday 8am-8pm
    Saturday 8am-8pm
    Sunday 9am-1pm

    Registration will be held near the lobby by the main event space (Crystal Spire Caverns). Pre-registered guests can streamline their registration in the pre-registration line of the corresponding areas. Please bring your confirmation page and/or State ID with you. Prices are $70 at the door, so pre-register before midnight Tuesday August 23 rd for the discounted $60 price. www.fillycon.org/register


    We have quite a few special panels planned. You won’t want to miss them!

    Lip Sync Battles:

    On Saturday Ingrid Nilson and Alexandra Carter (Maud and Twist) will be pairing off against each other in an epic Lip Sync battle. Community Guests ToonKriticY2K and Voice of Reason will also be paired against each other.

    Berry Punch Party:

    Saturday night Brony Chef is hosting his very own Berry Punch Party. You must be 21+ to attend as there is alcohol involved. Enjoy pony-themed drinks and recipes. Admission is $10 at the door. Cash only. ID required.

    RUNWAY! Cosplay and Fashion Show:

    Sunday afternoon Lady Ava and FluffyMixer will present and judge your cosplay designs. Be sure to bring your best!