• Toy Review: MyMoji figures: The Face Off

    Funko MyMoji figures

    WeAreBorg back again with more plastic molded into pleasant pony shapes. Before I release my review of the Guardians of Harmony Nightmare Moon, I'd like to take a moment to check out the MyMoji My Little Pony figures by Funko that were sent to me by Entertainment Earth. The MyMoji toy lines recreates our favorite characters as 3D emojis for RL.

    Join me after the break, for a look into a box with more personality disorders than Discord.

    Funko MyMoji figures
    At least I used a tripod this time.

    So, here's the box-it comes wrapped in shrink wrap, measuring 8x8x12 inches. As you can see, the box isn't really meant to house much information, with the sides and back being almost identical. If you notice, the box doesn’t show all the possible pony/dragon/draconequus emojis, just that there are 24. The box also doubles as display housing for the MyMojis for individual resale and features a small display window on the front for checking the oil level or something. Actually, this window is for something else entirely, I discovered while shaking my box like my Rainbow Dash ghost pepper shaker. If I tilt the box just right, you can see its secrets...

    Funko MyMoji figures
    Like Han Solo trapped in carbonite.

    No, that's not a golden monkey from Legends of the Hidden Temple. Actually, at first I thought it was Applejack, because brown, but in actuality it's Rainbow Dash. This pair of pony ball-heads are bonus figures clearly meant for whoever opens the box first, or for your local nerd culture shop to put the most disturbing markup on. The rest of them you can probably expect to be sold at around $3.00 each. I'll mention it now, that later I found out that this Pinkie is a duplicate of one included in the set. Speaking of boxes, let's tear this one open...

    Funko MyMoji figures
    More body bags than a single chapter of Fallout: Equestria.

    There it is - the most uninteresting unboxing result ever not caught on film. We'll have to get around to the unwrapping. Luckily for collectors, the box doesn't contain a random assortment, but contains exactly one each of the 24, plus the two bonus ponies. It also looks like the plastic that holds the bonus ponies isn't secured to the inside of the box, which explains why I couldn’t see them in the display window when the box was upright. Now that we have some heads free that we can look at, let's take a first look...

    Funko MyMoji figures
    A golden Dashie from "Borg and the Funko Factory."

    Here we are, right away we can assume that the bonus Golden Rainbow Dash is intended to be an incentive to buy the full set. I am however, a little surprised that a line of toys that features a broad sampling of the emojis most familiar to us, sports simple happy faces on the bonus set. I would've liked to have seen not just the bonus pony but a bonus expression as well. I can't say for sure if every box comes with these exact two bonus ponies, however, I do know that the plastic holder is molded to fit them. Let's see how they taste...

    Used for measuring out your doses of pony.

    Just kidding! Pinkie Pie is not best pony and obviously won't taste any good. I will say that the very first thing I noticed other than the fact that they're gold and pink, is the fact that they are fairly heavy. At 37 grams, Pinkie here weighs as much as the sugar content in a can of 7-Up. From this point forward, you should always remember that the sugar content of a soda now equals one Pinkie head heavy enough that it could be placed into a sock and used as a weapon. Along with the weight though, comes a noticeable quality. Let's have Pinkie do a twirl for us...

    You spin my head right 'round.

    So, if your EQD browsing device of choice doesn't hate you and is loading these gifs, then you can clearly make out the basics-these 1.5 inch orbs feature a nose, ears, mane, and a flat spot for resting. You'll also notice a cutie mark on one side, like an ill chosen face tattoo she got in college to express herself. Either that or these cute pony heads are representations of an entire pony's body. So now imagine a pony being transformed into one of these. On this one figure, the molding and painting are high quality and appear to be some of Funko’s best work. Let's check out the rest of them...

    Overuse of that Dashie face implies she is for shipping.

    Here's the front and back of the foil packaging used to wrap each MyMoji. One notable thing is that each bag says that it includes a “Digital MyMoji” if you text a code to the listed number. At the time of writing, the MLP ones were not available. Other than being marked for individual resale, the packaging offers no further information beyond the promise of a disembodied head being inside. I looked pretty closely, felt the edges, did a charcoal rubbing and couldn't find any sort of identifying marks that would allow you to tell which pony was inside of the packaging. Luckily, I don't have to worry about picking one or two. I get the satisfaction of opening all of them. Too bad Waifu hid the scissors...

    I like to keep my articles sharp and witty.

    Look, I promised her I wouldn't try to cut my own hair again, but whatever. What she didn't hide, was her katana - useful for slicing watermelons, answering the front door, and opening these little guys. Turns out you don't need something sharp and 3.5 feet long to open these. They have a notch on both sides for easy opening by even the most cheeto covered fingers. Without further ado, I give you - the full set...

    Gotta catch 'em all!

    Now it's time for the meat and potatoes. 26 ponies: 8 characters with a set of 3 expressions, plus the golden Rainbow Dash and extra Pinkie. I apologize if the mouths are a bit difficult to see on some of my pictures. All of the MyMojis, of course, share a similar size and shape, and each character has at least one unique expression, except Rarity. Before opening them, I thought that the whole concept of MyMojis was a little too silly. With all of them open, I started to think of all the possibilities and uses. But before we get to those, let's take a take a look at a synchronized ballet of our 8 characters...

    Dance, Ponies, Dance.

    For this picture, I picked the most unique expression for each of the main 8 characters. I like the choices of Discord and Spike to round out the mane 6. Unlike your classic blind bags, these MyMojis will always have a fan favorite character inside. No Sassaflash here. Each pony's molded manes are well sculpted and do well to represent the characters. Spike however, sort of just looks like a purple fish with green fins. While I'm all for stationary figures that just look pretty, let's see what kind of fun we can have with these...


    So obviously, these can be used to plan out or act out a fanfic of your choice. I like to imagine this scene is the one where Spike is pleased to be helping Rarity find her contact, after which Spike tells Rarity they can never be together, because Rarity is like one of those gross marshmallow Peeps you get on Easter, except instead of colored sugar, she's covered in over-styled hair. Shout out to Cereal Velocity. SpikeXEmber OTP! Let's do another...

    This is one of the realities to which Discord banishes ponies.

    This is exactly what it looks like. Here, Discord has literally turned Fluttershy's eyes into hearts, after becoming annoyed at how much she loves animals. Fluttershy politely asks to have her eyes back, to which Discord replies, “But now you won't have to see that doormat in the mirror anymore.” Ouch! Discord, you’re mean. You could also go dark and reenact Cupcakes <<Semi-Dark Ketchup Gore Warning>>

    Anyway, let’s take this to the next level with a countdown of things to do with the MyMojis paired with a set of unrelated amateur photoshops by yours truly.

    Things to do with your MyMoji figures:

    10) Replace the heads of the classic Equestria Girls dolls with something more pony.

    9) Drill holes in their heads like a Middle Ages’ doctor and glue in a loop of string for rockin’ your Christmas tree pony style.

    8) Communicate your mood to society by not saying anything and just displaying one of these.

    7) Play 18 holes with Spike’s head.

    6) Go Frankenstein on one and saw a slot into it for your business cards.

    5) Drill a hole in the bottom and sport a new antenna ball on your car.

    4) Leave them in dark places for your roommates to find along with your passive aggressive sticky notes.

    3) Decorate the cupcakes you’ll use for your MLP viewing parties.

    2) Replace your chess board pieces with these, then get really confused about which is which later.

    1) Learn to juggle with the Rainbow Dashes while reenacting her constant crashes.

    Final Verdict: At first I wasn’t too sure about the little guys, but I had a lot of fun messing with them and writing this review. I can’t decide if I’ll add them to the collective or if I’ll hide them around my house much to the chagrin of my wife. I recommend getting your friends together to get a set and trade with each other for your favorite ponies. You can find the set of MLP MyMojis for sale here for $64.99 once they are in-stock, or individually, everywhere Funko products are sold.

    Thanks once again for joining me on my exploration of plastic based entertainment. Check out our other toy reviews on EQD here, and look out for future ones including the sleek Guardians of Harmony Nightmare Moon. If there is something out or coming out that you’d like me to review, let me know in the comments!

    You can grab the Mymoji figures they put up in the event over here if you weren't able to win in the Discord Event!