• Horses at Home Online Pony Con - For Anyone Not at Bronycon

    Since not everyone is going to be able to go to BronyCon this weekend, a team of people have decided to run an online one if you are stuck at home. Head on down below the break for the infos on it!

    Horses At Home Con
    Saturday, July 9
    11:45am - 11:00pm PST

    Information video: https://youtu.be/VDPfUze6HgI
    Panel application: tinyurl.com/hahconapp
    Schedule: tinyurl.com/hahcon (constantly being updated)
    Main website: hahcon.online

    Panel highlights so far:
    An Evening With Dustykatt
    Early BronyCon History w/ Purple Tinker
    Silly Pony Art Requests w/ Crowne Prince
    PONIES: The Anthology
    OTP Battle Royale (May the Best Ship Win!)
    Live MLP Music Remixing Based on Chat Suggestions

    In addition to all poster sale proceeds going to charity, some artists will be streaming live commissions throughout the day and donating money raised to a charity of their choice. Check the schedule on Saturday to see who to get art from and where the money will go!