• Drawfriend Stuff #1948 - Wash Your Princesses At Least Once a Week

    One of the greatest inventions of the 15th Equestrian century was the pony-safe washing machine. Everypony flocked to their nearby appliance stores for the chance to be one of the first to own one after months of hype and an endorsement from Princess Celestia herself. They say she owns 12 of them, just in case 11 of them go out she always has a backup. Apparently this happens often, as poni haven't solved the issue of hair clogging the pipes yet.

    Uhh anyway go get art.

    [1] Source

    Celestia in a Washing Machine by GSphere

    [2] Source

    Pretty princesses by MagnaLuna

    [3] Source

    Hot Colors Twilight by RanhKinh

    [4] Source

    Haha, woops! by PinkieSheen

    [5] Source

    Old Rulers of the Crystal Empire by RyuokoWolf

    [6] Source

    Octy Stretch by Gallione

    [9] Source

    My name is not Crash! by Steam-Loco

    [10] Source

    Rainbow by Glukoloff

    [11] Source

    Princess Luna by Koveliana

    [12] Source

    Making You Shine by CutePencilCase

    [13] Source

    Honesty by KodokunaShiroiOkami

    [14] Source

    Rari by XDuskStarX

    [15] Source

    Equilibrium of the world by Bluenight01

    [16] Source

    [Fanart] Rainbow Dash by LemonLou

    [17] Source

    I luv U by SwanLullaby

    [18] Source

    Fluttershy, my dearest friend, who is it? by BadDay28

    [19] Source

    Reading by BadDay28

    [20] Source

    A Kind Breeze by Jowybean

    [21] Source

    Chrysalis by BadDay28

    [22] Source

    Bringing Laughter by CutePencilCase

    [23] Source

    Fluttershy! In! Space! by Omny87

    [24] Source

    Gamer Celestia by FoxInShadow

    [25] Source

    Dark Souls Boss by apostolllll

    [26] Source

    Luna by Ognevitsa

    [27] Source

    Morning Starlight by Tartifondue

    [28] Source

    You have to be strong by MaruFrog

    [29] Source

    Live on the vessel of the Lunar pirate by YuntaoXD

    [30] Source

    Soft clouds by GumlBall

    [31] Source

    Surfing mares by GaelleDragons

    [32] Source

    Fluff by kilala97

    [33] Source

    Cadence (Anthro) by yukomaussi

    [34] Source

    Work is Done at Sunset by Dragonfoxgirl

    [35] Source

    Kiss yerself by Mr-Degration

    Original Horse and Best Bats Section

    [36] Source

    ych duck pony by wingedwolf94

    [37] Source

    CM: Sweet Velvet by Riouku

    [38] Source

    [Reward] Trial Of Ice by vavacung

    [39] Source

    Pony Doodle 1# by PixelHeartArt

    [40] Source

    [commission]Nighttide Star by whit3-dr4g0n

    [41] Source

    C: Sethisto by MScootaloo

    [42] Source

    MoonlightBlume (+speed paint) by D-Dyee

    [43] Source

    Blue Bubble by Servidorchan77

    [44] Source

    [Commision] Hot Shot by KlaraPL

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