• Pony and Transformers Nouveau Eyeware Hits Costco - The Details and Designs

    My little pony Eyeglasses from Nouveau

    We posted about a new series of eyeglasses becoming available a few days ago, but didn't have a whole lot of details on the lineup. Nouveau sent over a press release and high resolution images of  everything for us today.

    It's looking like this will be covering both Transformers and pony, with dedicated designs for four of the mane 6 on the cartoon horse end.

    Head on down below for everything!

    Shown above: My Little Pony Model "Honesty" 

    Shown above: My Little Pony Model "Loyalty" 

    Shown above: My Little Pony Model "Generosity" 
    Shown above: My Little Pony Model "Friendship"

    My Little PonyTM and TransformersTM Eyewear Debuts at Costco
    Eight styles for boys and girls available now inside the Costco Optical Department

    For the first time ever, My Little Pony and Transformers are available as prescription eyewear collections. These beloved, multi-generational brands are perfectly captured in magical styles for girls and action-packed styles for boys. Sized for children ages 4 and up, every frame mixes sophisticated style with the unique look and personality of these two iconic brands.

    My Little Pony Eyewear features four styles, each inspired by a special pony. Each model features its respective pony’s Cutie Mark!
    • Inspired by Rarity, the Generosity model has sparkling stars and a classic black finish.
    • Inspired by Apple Jack, the Honesty model is a retro-chic style in rich tortoise.
    • Inspired by Twilight Sparkle, the Magic model dazzles with diamond-textured temples and shades of pink and purple.
    • Inspired by Rainbow Dash, the Loyalty model has a vintage shape and two-tone flair.

    Transformers Eyewear breaks through with four "More than Meets the Eye” styles inspired by the high-tech details of the Autobots, Decepticons and their home world of Cybertron. Each model features the iconic Autobot shield.
    • The Adventure model is a classic blue metallic frame with intricate detailing on each temple.
    • The Shadow model is a classic, vintage shape with striking modern details and lime highlights.
    • The Elite model has a sleek metal front that matches any boy’s personal style and features red speed lines.
    • The Smash model balances the classic and complex with a minimalist retro front and super-detailed temples inspired by Cybertronian technology.

    Both collections are available at U.S. Costco locations, inside the Costco Optical Department. Retail price: $49.99