• GalaCon Panel Announcement

    With the con in just over a month, preperations for GalaCon 2016 are in full swing. For those heading to Ludwigsburg this summer, another panel announcement has been put up on the GalaCon website.

    Find it here or below the break!

    Announcing “Pony Fights” By Pascal Eller

    The fandom likes to discuss about difficult questions like “Which is the best song of MLP?” or “Who should get a guest role on the show?” and – of course – “Who is best pony?”, leading to endless discussions.

    So why not solve all these quarrels in a good old discussion round? Yeah, we can´t, really. And we are a bit frightened of what may happen when we finally announce who REALLY is Best Pony. But we can get an interesting discussion going and let ourselves persuade by some fine arguments.

    Three “Fighters” present arguments for their candidate and against the opponents whilst the audience judges their discussion skills and evaluates their points.

    So prepare for an interesting and exciting panel!

    Visitors who are interested in taking part as a “fighter” can apply in advance via pascal.eller@live.de. Please include age, language kills, name and experience in your application.

    Twitter: Gameleon