• Marks in Time Prerelease Weekend! Card Spoiler Blowout!

    The day has arrived - the first Prerelease Events for the new MLP:CCG set, Marks in Time, are later today with more happening all weekend! If you haven't already seen where your closest event is, don't miss out on getting booster packs a week before the street date, a special foil version of the new song card We'll Make Our Mark, a collectible set button, and more - check out this map to find one near you.

    Just about every card will see the light of day later this weekend, so now's the last chance to properly spoil some cards. Head below the break to see a bunch of new reveals, like Sweetie Belle's Super Rare, the last Dilemma card, and more!

    EDIT: Also now below the break: links to newly updated MLP:CCG documents, including the Official Card Reference, the Rules Update Summary for Marks in Time, and Draft and Sealed play rules. Check them out!

    Rules Update Summary for Marks in Time - for FAQs and information on Dilemmas, Cutie Marking, and more - https://goo.gl/DYhx2X

    Official Card Reference v7.0 - card text for all cards from Premiere Edition through Marks in Time - https://goo.gl/FlMhNT

    Marks in Time Rulebook - the core MLP:CCG rulebook previously found in Theme Decks - https://goo.gl/4TsL4w

    MLP:CCG Limited Rules v2.0 - for Draft and Sealed play - https://goo.gl/mfnTgd

    Floor Rules v2.2 - guidelines for competitive events, including the ban list - https://goo.gl/U6peV3

    Pony Primer v2.0 - print-and-play kit for learning the basics of MLP:CCG - https://goo.gl/rvIv7Y