• Applejack Chibi Figures from We Love Fine Shipping Early

    We Love Fine is doing early shipping on the Chibi Applejack figures due to athe factory getting them out much earlier than the original June 21st release date. Applejack will begin releasing on June 8th, which means your pre-orders will start charging on the 5th.

    Get the official emailed response below the break!

    To our We Love Fine customers:

    We’re happy and excited to announce that Applejack has arrived and is ready to ship sooner than the scheduled delivery date of June 21st.  We will begin shipping on Wednesday June 8th and, as a reminder, all credit cards will be charged on Sunday June 5th , 2016.  Please be advised that if we are unable to collect payment at this time, your order will automatically be cancelled and, unfortunately we will not be able to reinstate nor update and/or revise credit card information through our website.

    Thanks to Amalyn, Novel Idea, anthony, and everyone else for sending it!