• BronyScot Rock Nessie Information!

    BronyScot has announced a bunch of info for their jamming concert even Rock Nessie! You can find out when and where to get tickets, the venue, when it is taking place and more after the break.

    Rock on!

    Well here we have it! Rock Nessie’s venue has been secured, confirmed, locked down! On Sunday 20th November head on down to the Classic Grand​on Jamaica Street, central Glasgow. Just a few stops away from the Hilton Grosvenor on the Glasgow Subway, this venue is in the perfect location.
    From evening to beyond midnight, this party is gonna be grand.

    Tickets for Rock Nessie will be available from the BronyScot webstore on the 22nd June. Like last year we’ll be offering a special ticket that includes a t­shirt, the design seen up above.

    You can check out the venue over on their website http://www.classicgrand.com/

    Announcing the amazing rapper: MC­Arch

    What’s a gig without musicians! We’ll be announcing more in the coming weeks, but for now,
    all the way from The Netherlands we have MC Arch! Bringing his epic raps he’s sure to blast
    you away. Give him a listen over on YouTube.

    Twitter: Calpain