• BronyCon Announces Schedule, Escape room, Asian Delegates

    BronyCon has officially released it's schedule for the big event happening on July 7th. All three main days and pre-reg are laid out for you to plan your full pony convention experience!

    Head on over here to check that out! 

    And in other news, the Asian convention syndicate will be attending. If you want to meet them, hit the press release up below. Joining that, we have a new idea called the "Escape Room" set for the event, where you will be placed in a room with a group of other players and solve puzzles to escape. Infos on that also below!

    Thanks to TheShadowscale and @MinersLoveGames for the heads up.

    Escape room

    Escape Equestria will be coming to Bronycon 2016! Escape Equestria is the first My Little Pony themed traveling escape game bringing everything you love about escape games to a convention near you. 

    What is an escape room game?

    An escape room is a game where 4-8 players are "locked" in a room and must solve puzzles and clues together with their team to "escape" within a set time limit. Utilizing hidden objects, trivia and more, these puzzles test the mind and promote interaction with your group!

    So what's different about Escape Equestria?

    Not only is Escape Equestria a traveling game, meaning it will appear at conventions, but it also sets the adventure inside the world of MLP. For our first game, you will be helping our two mascots, Doc Lock and Tick Tock decipher the clues left behind by Doctor Whooves in order to rescue him from being stuck in a different time! Set in Doctor Whooves' lab, you will have free reign to search through his books, his journal and latest experiments to figure out where in time he has disappeared to!

    When will the escape game be running?

    We will be running all three days of Bronycon. Our hours on Friday and Saturday are 9 AM to 9 PM and on Sunday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

    How long is the game?

    Every game will start on the hour, every hour. You and your team must escape within 45 minutes.

    How many people can play per game?

    Each game can hold 8 people. You can either find your own group of 8 or if there are 2 of you, you will be put in a group with others who have booked for the hour. 

    How much does it cost?

    Each game will be $30 a person if you book before the convention. On-site bookings will be $35 a person.

    How can I sign up?

    You can visit our website to book your adventure today. Since we are only running one game per hour, space is extremely limited.

    Win a chance to run the game free with a friend!

    You can also enter our giveaway for a free game from you and a friend. If you are going to Bronycon, all you need to do is click this link to our giveaway and follow the instructions! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/8d03849437

    Escape Equestria is run by Amber and Brian of the Paper Pony and their very good friends Zach and Becca. Combining their love of MLP and escape rooms, they can't wait to share the adventure with others! 

    You can follow them on Twitter: @EscapeEquestria
    The official website: http://www.escapeequestria.com/

    Asian Delegation

    24 June 2016

    Ever think about what happens on the other side of the planet? Like, what goes on in the part of
    the world that makes popcorn and logs on to the new pony episodes at midnight instead of waking
    up early and tuning in with a bowl of cornflakes? It’s time for worlds to collide and a fandom to
    come full circle as The Asian Delegation comes to BronyCon! Four bronies all the way from
    Southeast Asia are ready to show and tell you their side of the story. Come on over to the Hall of
    the Planets at 10:00am on Saturday, June 9th to witness a panel like no other.
    What’s more? You stand a chance to walk home with some free art! We have mini prints by our
    awesome artists all the way from Southeast Asia that are destined for your art collection. You also
    stand to take away some free tracks by the musicians of Crystal Empire Records among a couple
    of other freebies!

    If you’re on a tight budget at BronyCon but don’t want to go home empty handed, we are more
    than excited to welcome you to our humble panel where we want to share the love of the part of
    the fandom built from different bricks. See through our eyes the pony conventions we put together,
    the way we bond and how some communities in third­world societies such as The Philippines gets
    feels the warmth of a community so beautifully diverse.
    The panel will also feature a surprise announcement for an upcoming project in 2017. Everything
    you need to know about The Asian Delegation can be found on our minisite

    Celebrate diversity with The Asian Delegation at BronyCon 2016. For most of us, it’s a
    once­in­a­lifetime trip to see the pinnacle of the fandom. At least until Trump bans us from coming