• What Happened To Episode 12?

    Yesterday we posted the announcement of an episode that was numbered episode 13 by Zap2It, which will air the week following the episode labeled as episode 11. So whatever happened to episode 12?

    Since we have gotten several e-mails from people confused at what happened, we have a short explanation about this below the break.

    Summarized, the episode Zap2it labeled as episode 13 is considered episode 12 by Discovery Family. The reason why this happened comes down to disparancy of the production order and actual broadcasting schedule. Episodes of MLP are produced by DHX in what is called the "production order". Typically, this is how they will appear on future DVD's, Netflix, and most other digital media (except iTunes and Google Play).

    Usually the production order matches the episode numbers on Discovery Family (or the Hub before them), but sometimes they decide to switch it up for various reasons. Scare Master is a good example of this. It was originally episode 15 of season 5, but was moved to the 21st slot to match up with Halloween. The changed lineup by Discovery Family is called the "broadcasting order".

    So what changed between production and broadcasting this season? According to a tweet by Jim Miller, episode 9 was moved to later on this season, thereby shifting all the episodes after it down by one.

    In an easier to read list format, the original production order was:

    • 08. A Hearth's Warming Tail
    • 09. Unnanounced episode (production #9)
    • 10. Saddle Row & Rec
    • 11. Applejack's "Day" Off
    • 12. Flutter Brutter
    • 13. Spice Up Your Life

    This was changed to the following broadcasting order:

    • 08. A Hearth's Warming Tail
    • 09. Saddle Row & Rec
    • 10. Applejack's "Day" Off
    • 11. Flutter Brutter
    • 12. Spice Up Your Life
    • ??. Unnanounced episode (production #9)

    Zap2It simply forgot to change the episode number to 12 for what was originally episode 13.

    So, what can we expect out of episode 9 that made it shift off to a future date and skip any kind of reveal? Chances are we are looking at a holiday episode, maybe a Nightmare Night themed one again? Considering the holiday season, or more particularly the end of year holidays are so huge for Hasbro, it wouldn't be surprising.

    Twitter: Gameleon