• BABSCon Interview: Jenn Blake (MLP Comic Artist)

    The one guest of honor who I got to know the most during the convention was IDW MLP Comic Artist Jenn Blake. I'm sure part of that had to do with her not having a table to vend at during the convention, and I'm sure another part had to do sharing a couple of drinks with her while at Knuckles a couple of times while at BABSCon.

    For those of you who didn't get a chance to meet her at the convention, I have a feeling that the following interview will give you a feel for this comic artist.

    Jenn, how's the convention been treating you so far?

    Jenn Blake: Actually it's terrifying,  Richard. *laughs*


    JB: No, the con is fantastic. I'm having a really good time. This time, this year, I'm not selling so I'm looking at a con from a different review; checking out panels and hanging out with Jeremy and Andy spending a lot of time at the bar because that's what I do. BABSCon has been wonderful. I think it's one of the better Brony conventions out there.

    When you say you spend time at the bar ... is it your plan to buy them out of booze?

    JB: Yes. My plan is by tonight they have to order for tomorrow, for Sunday. That's my plan.


    JB: If my zipper doesn't scream at me by 2am then I've not done my job.

    Wow, sounds like you’re going to have a good time.

    JB: I am.

    *Laughs*What's the most interesting aspect of walking around the convention this year, as opposed to vending at it?

    JB: It's people stopping me and talking to me and wanting to converse. When you're behind a table, you get that but it's different. It's a different side of it. When you're walking around, it's cool you get to stop and interact more because you're not feeling rushed by having seven more people in line waiting for you. That, I'm really enjoying. I've been stopped a few times now ... People I've met the year before or at different cons and it's really cool to catch up and hear what they're doing. That to me is what's fun; hearing what the attendees are getting to do. This is how much this fandom means to them. It's really cool to get a little of a different perspective than when you sit at a table drawing or signing the entire time.

    Yeah, it's a different style as opposed to when you're trying to sell your wares.

    JB: Yeah, because when I'm here behind a table, I have to sell myself. This time I get to interact and get to meet these people and get to know them better. I enjoy that a lot because you guys are the people buying our books. It's cool to get you know you all better.

    As a girl growing up reading DC comic books ...

    JB: The best publisher.

    *Laughs* ... Some would debate that. What are your thoughts of BABSCon going with super heroes as a theme for the convention this year?

    JB: I love it. I absolutely love that they went with super heroes. I like that Golden Gates has a very Green Lanternish persona with her ability to create constructs. I like that. Obviously anytime there is super heroes, I'm a happy person. That's my niche. That's what I love. I like the whole theme. I thinks it's really cool. I support Queen Quake and everything she chooses to do this weekend; stand behind her and I hope for the best and world domination.

    Richard: *Laughs*

    JB: I will side with her. Hashtag sock’em.

    I hope the next time IDW does a Power Pony special they hire you on to do something for it.
    JB: I would love to do anything Power Pony 's because they made Rarity Green Lantern too.

    Isn't she technically Star Sapphire?

    JB: Probably because of the colors but she has the basic power structure so I would have a lot of fun with that. That would be great plus Fluttershy’ Hulk, and I think that's hilarious.

    *Laughs* Yes it is.

    JB: And Pinkie-Pie's Flash powers terrifies me but ...

    And Rambow Dash is Thor.

    JB: Yeah.

    It's wonderful.

    JB: And Spike is Robin!

    Yes, the boy wonder.

    JB: Wonder why he's still around?

    No idea. What has been the most interesting thing you have seen in the vending hall this year?

    JB: It's that Andy guy. He doesn't stop. I'm right next to him and I'm watching him and that guy does not take a break. It's amazing to watch. To me it's astonishing. He's working his ass off and it's cool to watch that. It's the first time meeting him. We haven't met yet and it's cool to watch him work because the guy started it all. He brought the comic, him and Katie, and that's been cool ... I went over to Purple Tinker’s table and she gave me some nice gifts. She gave me a DC Super Heroes Girls TM Wonder Woman figure. That was awesome. I'm happy.

    Otherwise ... I saw Equestria Plush. I like them. They do really good work. I'm still checking everything out. I'm sure I'm going to spend some money and get yelled at later. Buy I'll buy Rarity and get forgiven.

    That's the whole reason we come to these cons.

    JB: It really is to buy things that you don't need and then have to pack it later.

    Yeah, pack it later and get screamed at.

    JB: Oops. What did I do?


    JB: Why did my credit card company call and say "what did ...? Did you authorize this purchase for a $400 Plushie?"


    JB: Yeah, I did.


    JB: I was sleeping alone. I was lonely.

    Since the IDW Limited "My Little Pony" project, your career here has grown tremendously. What are your thoughts about the tremendous growth your career has seen?

    JB: It's been a weird couple years since that. It kind of exploded once "Friends Forever" came out and the same time I had the "Four Color Grails” variant for "Friendship is Magic Number of Thirty". I don't know how this happened and it's still weird to me. Last year was the first real Pony con and that was before the issue ever hit which I am tremendously thankful for. Since then con's keep wanting to bring me in and I'm not 100% sure why. Not sure what it is. I'm appreciative.

    It's very interesting not having a lot in my library of work to have all these cons still really want me. It's an honor. It's very humbling. I really appreciate it. I'm glad fans seem to like me. That means a lot to me. It's really cool. I'm getting to live my dream.

    I've always wanted to do comics. It's what I've wanted to do since I can remember and getting to do "My Little Pony" is a lot of fun because they are great characters. I’ve worked with Jeremy twice now because we did "Friends Forever". I'm working on his "Princeless" book which he didn't write the story. [Whit] Taylor did. It's really cool to work on his properties because I really love those "Princeless" characters. I love that universe. I think it's fantastic. To everyone listening or reading this transcript later ... Buy his book. Buy "Princeless".


    JB: I'm just schilling for other people.

    *Laughs* Especially for his property of starring a certain lesbian pirate.

    JB: Yes. I enjoyed that part. That's what I love about his stuff. There's LGBT. There's people of color. He really brings diversity to comics which is sadly lacking in the big two. There's a few characters here and there but ...

    They’re not the main focus.

    JB: And they don't get the best stories. They don't get the best writers or artists all the time. It's great someone like Jeremy is doing these characters and that some of us get lucky enough to work on. Hopefully that can be brought to more people and eventually bring the masses to see these great characters that young girls can look up to; young girls of color and the LGBT community. He's doing so much and it's really fun to be a part of it.

    Awesome. I'm glad to hear your having fun. Speaking of having fun, are there any projects that you are working on that you can't wait to share with the world but you can't say at the moment?

    JB: Yes. That's what I can say. Yes. There is something. That's all I can say is yes. *Laughs*

    *Laughs* I figured there wouldn't be anything else left for you to say. I did a yes or no question.

    JB: *Laughs* Yes and then no.

    What trips are you looking forward to within the coming year?

    JB: After BABSCon, I have a Free Comic Book Day appearance in St. Louis at a place called Vintage Stock. They do comics and movies and videos games and all that kind of stuff. I have Everfree after that which I am really excited about because I love Seattle. I haven't been in years. Right after that I have Midwest Brony Fest. Then I die because I'll be exhausted. Then I'll be resurrected in October for Nightmare Nights in Dallas.

    Praise Jenn Blake.

    JB: We have Larson bringing me back from the dead. I'll have wings.

    He does give everyone he meets wings.

    JB: He does.

    Also his autograph for some strange reason.

    JB: He signs me and then you got wings. I'm very excited about that.

    *Laughs* Everfree is going to be such a fun con.

    JB: It is. I'm really looking forward to it. Heather will be there which is even more fun for me.

    Hopefully you'll get to talk about cats.

    JB: Heather and I will always talk about cats. I am sure. We have a lot of them.

    But you're not crazy cat ladies. Not yet.

    JB: Well, I do have nine.


    JB: I might be there. I've reached that level. It's scary.

    Beside the nine cats that you have, is there anything else you want to talk about?

    JB: This summer I'm taking a break and going to work on some of my own projects. I'm going to dabble back into fashion/design which is what my degrees in. I want to start doing my own clothing and come up with something. For me that would be fun. I'm not sure people will care that I'm doing fashion because they know me as "Pony" art. I'm excited about that. That's going to be a lot of fun for me. Then, obviously, I'll keep up with my sketch diary every day that I do. Take a vacation. That would be nice; thinking about going to Vegas. Party up.

    Hmm. Spend all the money.

    JB: Spend all the money in Vegas; looking forward to that. And then "Princeless" has been one of the best things I've worked on in a while now. I'm really happy with how those pages turned out. I'm really excited for that when it comes out. Other than that not much. I'm on the down-swing to a nice little break. That's nice for me. It's been a very crazy year. It'll be nice to do my own thing for a little bit. Sometimes you get those creative juices you don't get to fulfill because you’re working on other stuff. It's going to be cool to see what my brain can come up with. It'll be terrifying and appropriate for all ages.

    But it'll be fashionable.

    JB: It will be fashionable. It'll look great. It'll offend everyone.


    JB: But it'll look good.

    That's good to know.

    JB: *Laughs*

    Thank you for your time.

    JB: Of course.

    It's been a true pleasure.

    JB: You lie so well. *Laughs*

    But I'm not lying. *Laughs* I say as I look towards the screen.

    JB: Yeah. You're looking away. I don't believe you. *Laughs* I'm not getting eye contact.

    Thank you Jenn.

    JB: Of course. Thank you very much. Always a pleasure.