• More Build a Bear Ponies on the Way for 2016

    Build a Bear Pony Cadance Merchandise mlp

    Build a Bear's MD Roger Parry has revealed his plans for the upcoming year in an interview with Toynews. Among the various questions on overall brand strategy and plans for the future, a small nugget of information involving pony was included:

    We continue to be very strong with Star Wars and Disney Frozen, which we did at the end of last year. We are now doing Care Bears, which is going very well for us. We’re also propagating our relationship on license for My Little Pony, which continues to be very strong and popular with our younger girls’ segments. So we’re going to continue with that licence in 2016

    With companies like Funko and 4DE's upcoming pony products seemingly silent at the moment, it's good to see some movement in the Licencee front for Friendship is Magic. This year marks the start of a massive pile of official Hasbro released toys, but not a lot from the 3rd party that usually focuses specifically on the brony audience.

    Thanks to Babs Bunny for sending it!