• Galacon Announcements - Plushie Panel and CCG Tournament

    I alsways did like the GalaCon OC. She's cute. Simple and cute. A good combo.

    They have a few event announcements lined up for their event this year. Head on down below the break for details on the CCG Tournament and plushie panel.

    Great CCG Tournament at GalaCon 2016

    Our partner and European publisher of the My Little Pony CCG will take the chance of having that many Bronies from all so many countries together at one big event and bring the European Continental Championships to GalaCon 2016!
    The details are yet to be announced – so stay tuned and make sure you get your ticket in time!

    Announcing Yasi’s Plushie Panel

    Our little cuddly, soft plush ponies have always been our best friends and some of us would give their whole rent and wait for months just for one portrayal of their original character or favourite pony.
    This noble art of plushie crafting is only understood and acted out by the few chosen ones who share the gift of having magic hooves, one may think by walking through the rows of beautiful plushies smiling from the stalls at the GalaCon vendor area – wrong! Anyone can do it with a little skill and practice. And German plushie maker Yasi will show you how.
    No matter if you want to become a plushie artist yourself, just make a plushie using a given pattern for you and a few friends or even just want to get a glance at how your little plush friends come to live, you are welcome at her plushie panel. Yasi will show you the process of developing a pattern, choosing the materials, sewing the plushie and finishing the overall artwork, also showing you some tricks and how to avoid common mistakes.
    Exact time and location will be announced later in the timetable.