• Marks in Time Prerelease Map & International Kit Now Available!

    Two big links to share for the MLP: CCG today! First is the map of Prerelease Events for the new set Marks in Time, happening on June 3-5. New stores can still be added to the map, so if your local store isn't on the list yet, call them up and ask if they signed up, and tell them to contact info@enter-play.com if they haven't.

    Each player at a Marks in Time Prerelease Event gets 8 booster packs of the new set a week before their street date, a special foil version of the new song card We'll Make Our Mark, an exclusive Pegasus Token featuring Scootaloo, and a collectible button featuring the set symbol.

    The second link to share is for folks who live at least 3 hours away from the closest Prerelease Event, or if you live in a country that usually doesn't have such events at all. If that's the case, you can click here to order a kit that supports 8 players and hold an unofficial prerelease of your own for your local group! Some restrictions apply, so be sure to carefully read that page.