• Audio Books: Transcendence / Savage Way / Into the Depths

    We haven't had an audio book post in a while. You should all submit more! Three classic early fandom fanfics make up this post. I tried to mix up the genres on what we do have the box to add a little bit for everyone.

    Your three stories for today:

    1.) Transcendence [Normal][Sad]
    2.) Savage Way [Adventure][Sci-fi]
    3.) Into the Depths [Dark]

    Go get them below the break.

    Transcendence - Audio Book


    Author: Corejo
    Description: When Scootaloo moves to Ponyville, she meets a certain cyan pegasus who becomes her idol. Things go well until a pivotal event causes her hopes and dreams to come crashing down around her. Broken and betrayed, Scootaloo must learn to accept her reality and embrace her inner strength with the help of her father and two best friends.
    Transcendence (Audio Book)
    EQD Page

    Reader: Neighrator Pony

    Reader blurb:

    "Transcendence is an oft-overlooked fandom classic, and I did my best to give it the quality audio production it deserved. Fair warning though, this isn't a happy one. Enjoy!"

    Audio Book: The Savage Way

    [Adventure] [Sci-fi]

    Author: Horse Voice
    Description: A disaster at sea strands Caramel on an island with one other survivor: a human immigrant. They agree to work together, but Caramel's new friend may not be as benevolent as he seems.

    The Savage Way (Audio Book)
    EQD Page

    Reader: Illya Leonov

    Reader Blurb: 

    Horse Voice's subtitle says it best: "You're a whole different pony when you're scared."
    I liked this story for the way it made a Skinner Box out of a unique situation and used it as a focused exploration of one aspect of Human-Pony relations. Neighrator Pony lent his voice to the production and helped make the whole audiobook a small neat package. Horse Voice has pared this story down neatly so the elements can be explored in the context of an enjoyable tale.

    Audio Book: Into The Depths


    Author: Pen Stroke
    Description: To save her sister and her faithful student, Celestia herself must travel into the ancient tunnels beneath the ruined castle in the Everfree Forest. She, and the guards who accompany her, must face the dark, twisting corridors. Still, what was Luna and Twilight's purpose at the old castle? Why were they unable to return of their own accord?

    And what watches Celestia from beyond the light's edge?

    Into The Depths (Audio Book)
    EQD Page

    Reader: Thornquill

    Reader Blurb: 

    Into the Depths is a singular variety of fanfiction with almost too many facets of strength to list. Although the show has in the years since used some of the characters in different ways, the cast is well-written and heartfelt in the world Pen Stroke has constructed.

    The story itself is supported by an incredible framework of worldbuilding. The modern show is combined with the best elements of many generations of My Little Pony, as well as adapting real-world esoterica and historical grimoires to the MLP universe.

    Perhaps most impressive of all, it boasts a beautifully crafted blend of atmospheric and psychological horror, and the pacing is an excellent example of how supernatural and monster horror should be presented.

    This story is everything I love in the darker side of fiction, and it was a privilege to work with a wonderful cast to bring it to audio.