• Story Updates - April 8th

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    Story: Memoirs of a Magic Earth Pony (Update Part 33!)

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: The Lunar Samurai

    Description: My name is Starswirl and I am an earth pony. This is a collection of stories about my life. As I reflect on the events that have brought me to this home by the sea, I can only hope for one thing; that my life be viewed as ordinary and plain, but my work in theoretical magic be held the highest regard. I placed so much effort into my studies in theoretical magic that it would be a shame to let my work be lost somewhere in the sands of time.

    Memoirs of a Magic Earth Pony (New Part 33!)

    Story: Gunsmoke (Update Part 27!)


    Author: Wanderer D
    Description: Desert Mirage lives in a world full of guns, lasers, explosives and people competing to be the best of the best. There she excels at what she does: hunting. She started as a nobody, and yet became one of the most sought-after gunslingers.
    Sunset Shimmer was practically born the best of the best. Selected by none other than Princess Celestia to be her prized student... until she ran away to another world in search of power. Through trials and suffering she was eventually taught humility and friendship.
    At first blush, they don't have much in common. But their connection runs deep, and sooner or later it will change their worlds forever.
    Gunsmoke (New Part 27!)

    Story: Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (New Part 5!)

    [Dark][Sad][Alternate Universe]

    Author: NorrisThePony
    Time after time, through chaos and through wars, Princess Celestia prevailed.
    Of all the terrible forces she could have fallen to, Flim Flam Industry was the last one anypony had expected.
    Synthetic Bottled Sunlight (Update Part 5!)

    Story: The Monster Below (Update Sequel Part 22!)

    [Sci-Fi][Dark] That image is straight up creepy!

    Author: Greenback
    Description: One of Equestria's greatest traits is tolerance. Every pony, whether Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth, is accepted for who they are, and have their own parts to play in keeping Equestria running.

    But what if an Earth pony decided he didn't want to play his assigned part? What if he wanted to rise above everyone else, and become an Alicorn? Such a thing is possible...but the path to fulfilling one's dreams is never simple. Risks must be taken. Sacrifices must be made. And the question is always asked: How far would you go to get what you wanted? And would you be willing to pay a terrible price to get it?
    The Monster Below

    Story: A Heavy Crown (Update Part 9!)


    Author: Fullmetal Pony
    Description: When the only other alicorn in Equestria is its ruler, a lot of questions don't have answers. There will be times of trial and error, there will be times when nothing makes sense, and there will be times when it's lonely. Was the crown given to you or forced on your head? It's heavy either way.
    A Heavy Crown (New Part 9!)

    Story: This Game of Mine (Update Part 15-19!)

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: Swan Song

    Description:  Sweetie Belle, now a fine young lady in her preteen years, has kept her love for video games a closely-guarded secret, fearing that the war-wary ponies of Equestria would not look kindly upon such a brutish, unproductive hobby… until a sudden cutie mark leaves her no choice in the matter.

    Already burdened by the pressures of her coming-of-age, she now must confront a fresh wave of bullying by her schoolmates, the jealousy of her closest friends, the mounting expectations of her family, and her own deep-rooted insecurities over her future. But as she finds solace in friendships both old and new, she will learn that her journey to self-discovery is not one she has to take alone.

    This Game of Mine (New Part 15-19!)