• Planeta DeAgostini Cómics Translates IDW MLP: FiM Volume 4

    While waiting on news regarding the Panini Comics Mexico Spanish Translation of the hit IDW Series—apparently it's being held up by the Hasbro approvals process or something along those lines—Amazon.es has a listing for Volume 4 of the IDW MLP: FiM series as translated by Planeta DeAgostini Cómics.

    Yes, this means that two companies will be translating the IDW Comic series into Spanish. Considering that there are a ton of differences between Spain Spanish and Latin America Spanish, it would probably be a good exercise for anyone who learning the language, is fluent in the language, or speaks it as their native language to compare the two different approaches to translating the same source data.

    Much like how there are differences in translating the show between Latin America and Spain.

    One important aspect of these translations to note is that they are all hardcovers. So in terms of longevity, Planeta's editions are going to last.

    Thanks to the listing being on Amazon.es, that means shipping globally isn't a problem for anyone who wants to pick up a copy of the volume. You can order a copy of this volume here.