• Story Updates - April 5th

    Story updates! Timberwolf it and more down below.

    Story: Memoirs of a Magic Earth Pony (Update Part 31!)

    [Slice of Life][Sad]

    Author: The Lunar Samurai

    Description: My name is Starswirl and I am an earth pony. This is a collection of stories about my life. As I reflect on the events that have brought me to this home by the sea, I can only hope for one thing; that my life be viewed as ordinary and plain, but my work in theoretical magic be held the highest regard. I placed so much effort into my studies in theoretical magic that it would be a shame to let my work be lost somewhere in the sands of time.

    Memoirs of a Magic Earth Pony (New Part 31!)

    Story: Of Horses And Whorses (Update Part 8!)

    [Comedy] Horses... on my EQD?

    Author: GeodesicDragon
    It is a fact that horses have served mankind for thousands of years, in times of war and in times of peace. Your horse, Zayna, helps you earn your primary source of income in the form of a riding school.

    Until a freak occurrence dragged you both to the land of Equestria, that is. This new land you find yourselves in is ruled and populated by talking ponies, who are a bit hostile at first due to a misunderstanding — but that's nothing when you realise that it's not just ponies who can talk here.

    As it turns out, horses can as well.
    Of Horses And Whorses (New Part 8!)

    Story: Lupine Tree (Update Part 15!)

    [Slice of Life][Human]

    Author: wille179
    Pinocchio wasn't the only wooden puppet to become a real person.
    There are other puppets out there, animal-like beings controlled by quasi-intelligent trees. Ponies call them timberwolves and know them as nothing but beasts. But what happens if one of those beasts were to gain the intelligence and ambition of one of the most successful hunters in the universe, a human?
    Lupine Tree (New Part 15!