• Squishy Pops and Fash'Ems Series 3 Ponies Now Listed on Tech 4 Kids Websites

    Fash'ems Series 3 SpikeFash'ems Series 3 Starlight Glimmer

    The Fash'ems and Squishy Pops toys revealed at Toy Fair are now listed on their respective websites. Chances are, these guys are going to be invading Walmart and Toys R' Us stores soon now that they are officially plugged.

    If the glim glam and Spike upa bove look like a series of figures you'd like to collect, get images of all of them below, including crystal variants on the Fash'ems.

    Fash'ems Series 3 Cheerilee Fash'ems Series 3 Derpy HoovesFash'ems Series 3 Vinyl ScratchFash'ems Series 3 FluttershyFash'ems Series 3 OctaviaFash'ems Series 3 Pinkie PieFash'ems Series 3 Rainbow DashFash'ems Series 3 RarityFash'ems Series 3 SpikeFash'ems Series 3 Starlight GlimmerFash'ems Series 3 Twilight Sparkle

    Crystal Variants: