• Brazilian Burger King Gets Pony Figures

    Brazilian Burger King Appleajack Toy

    Burger King is apparently joining the pony bandwagon after years of McDonalds domination, at least in Brazil. A new lineup of three customizable(ish) molded figures have popped up as their currently available kids toys, joining Transformers.

    Right now the website lists Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight Sparkle as the available ponies. For once, apple horse got some fast food lovin.

    There are no hints that these will be heading to the USA anytime soon, and considering licensing deals with McDonalds, it would be a little strange to see BK run the same promotion. Weirder things have happened though! For now you will have to hit Ebay or plan a trip if you want one outside Brazil.

    Get more images of Applejack, included the completed version, below.

    Brazilian Burger King Appleajack Toy

    Thanks to Icarix Ace for everything!