• Story: Celestia's Angels

    [Alternate Universe][Adventure][Comedy]

    Author: Aquaman
    It started with a Nightmare: a corrupted monarch, a desperate sister, and a fragmented kingdom left in their wake. Saddled with the burden of protecting Equestria alone, Celestia chose to be strong enough not to. Instead, she found another way--three mortal ponies, the most magically gifted of their generation, to stand by her side as defenders of the realm.
    For a thousand years, they've been everything Equestria needed them to be. Scholars, guardians, warriors, heroes--or as Celestia prefers to call them, Angels. And if their inaugural achievements are any indication, her latest choices of them might just be the best ones yet.
    Provided, of course, they don't blow up half the kingdom proving it.

    Celestia's Angels

    Additional Tags: Seriously, they're pretty explosive gals