• BronyCAN General Press Release - Vendors, Guests, and More

    BronyCAN has a bunch of mini updates to release for all planning to attend this year. Their press release does a good enough job of explaining it all! Go get it below.

    Now that our sister convention has come and gone (and been very successful about it), the pace is picking up here at BronyCAN. We’ve got an expanded website coming for you very soon packed full of useful info, but in the meantime we have some other updates to share.

    Firstly, we thought you might like to know which musicians are going to be bringing the party to Richmond in August. The list this year is a mix of new and returning faces, and we’ll be announcing them in waves as they’re finalised. (It takes time to individually abduct and brainwash each candidate, you see.)

    So without further oddness, our first wave of musicians for BronyCAN 2016 are: Strumbeat Strings, StrachAttack, Voltage Remedy, Royalx, DJ Midli and Nekowolf! We’ve got several more waves to come, and having sneaked a peek at the interrogator’s notes, we’ve got some really great names coming down this year.

    In other news, our vendor applications are finally open! Sorry for the wait, crafty pony people. Applications will remain open until May 1st, so get in quickly to secure your table. You can apply to be a vendor here: https://bronycan.ca/register/kiosk/dlr_app/ The procedure is much the same as in previous years, but do let us know if you need any help.

    Lastly, our hotel room block sold out quicker than ever this year. We’re working to expand it right now, but in the meantime if you’re looking for a room to share, or have a booked room and need to fill it, then head over to https://www.conroomies.com/. These nice chaps run a roommate meeting service for many furry and pony cons, and they’ve added BronyCAN 2016 to their system. The service is free, so whether you have a room or need a room, go ahead and post your details there.

    Lots more info to come over the coming weeks, so be sure to follow us on Twitter at @BronyCAN, on the official BronyCAN Facebook page, or on Tumblr at http://blog.bronycan.ca, and we look forward to seeing you all this coming August!