• Pony History of the Day: I Am Not A Clever Pony and The New Lunar Republic

    When the fandom first started there was an immediate attachment to Luna. Having only a minute or two of screen time she was a blank slate for the fandom to mold, a tormented princess for the fandom to attach themselves to. Many theories and renditions of Luna followed over the years: Sad Luna, Gamer Luna, and Woona to name a few.

    One popular rendition of Luna was the one that went on to found her own State: The New Lunar Republic. While many of you have heard of the New Lunar Republic do you know how it became popular? Five years ago when the pony music scene was still quite young, a musician by the name of I Am Not A Clever Pony began to upload some amazing original instrumental music based on Luna. These songs were compiled in an album, 'Princess Luna: As Imagined', all of which were supposedly inspired by a long gone fanfic. Afterwards the popularity of the music caused the concept of The New Lunar Republic to explode, a concept we still see to this day in fan works.

    While I Am Not A Clever Pony and the fanfic have faded into history, the music remains for listening on Youtube.

    Check on after the break for some beautiful music!

    I Am Not A Clever Pony's Luna Songs

    Enjoyed the music? You can get the Princess Luna: As Imagined album off of Bandcamp if you'd like to thank I Am Not A Clever Pony for the epic pieces.

    Other Songs By I Am Not A Clever Pony

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