• First card from Marks in Time Revealed - GlimGlam!

    Armageddon outta here!

    The next MLP: CCG expansion has been announced - Marks in Time! It features time travel and characters from Equestria's history, foals discovering their destinies and earning their cutie marks, and tons of new gameplay.

    Up above you can see the first sneak peek image of a card from Marks in Time, a Friend card by the name of Starlight Glimmer, Apocalypse Now! Even as a Friend, Starlight is looking pretty feisty.

    This card doesn't have either of the two new keywords added in Marks in Time, because there's some secret code shenanigans happening on Enterplay's Facebook and Twitter. Letters that "stand out" are being posted there, which spell out a scrambled phrase. Once the phrase is decoded by someone in the community, they will unlock early information about the two keywords in the set. If you want to catch up on the fun and maybe even join in, there's a great post on the community subreddit here that's compiled everything and has some good theories brewing.