• New Pony Shirt Company Looking For Feedback!

    From my time spent at conventions I know that pony fans love their shirts! So I'm pleased to announce that another shirt company has started up to create fully licensed shirts for sale. Right now they have approached Hasbro for approval, but they need to know if the interest is there so that is where you all come in!

    The first designs for the t-shirt line are of the impressive Epic Mane 6  series from JadedJynx, with Rainbow Dash up above being the first shirt queued for production.

    Check after the break for the other designs and a message from the manufacturer about their story and how to pre-order a shirt today!

    Michael Arasim of Littles Toy Company States:

    One day I wanted to know how I could play with the big boys and so I asked my WeLoveFine sales rep about getting exclusive rights to shirts. Shortly after this discussion, I saw JadedJynx’s Warrior Dash print and said to myself that would be an amazing shirt. I then contacted the amazing JadedJynx and we started discussing details back and forth. In the mean time I kept hearing complaints from artists feeling that they were not being compensated enough for the use of their art. This was not a complaint against their fans at all, they were extremely appreciative of their fans support. 

    One thing led to another and I discovered a few things that upset me and so I was even more determined than ever. It went from a project of, hey I want to have my own exclusive shirts for Littles Toy Company to sell, into now I am going to build a company that is going to truly be there for the artists.  I decided that it was time to pick a few artists brains to see what they thought was fair. I reached out to a bunch of artists and none were getting back to me, could have been busy prepping for conventions. A friend of mine told me to reach out to Leekfish and so I did. She was great and got back to me right away. We talked for a little while and pretty much had the same number in our minds. She helped to confirm what I was thinking. I reached out to JadedJynx with the offer and she accepted and so here we are.

    We are trying to make the first joint effort between FandomWares (A Littles Toy Company subsidiary) and JadedJynx a reality. We need to be able to give WeLoveFine the total number of shirts, color and delivery date. So we are asking you, the fans, to reach out to us and let us know how many of you would love one of these amazing shirts. If you could also let us know what color shirt you think this design would look best  on, that would be amazing. We may only be able to offer one or two colors to start. If this is a successful start, we are looking to make this the first of a series.  

    Below you will find contact info, so that you may reserve your Warrior Dash shirt. We will not be collecting any money right away but we do ask you only reserve if you are serious about purchasing one. Sizes will range from Men’s small up to 3X-Large, we might be able to do a couple sizes larger if your interested just let us know. Once we get approval, we will send out invoices and ask for your shipping addresses. We are hoping to have these for BronyCon. Thanks so much for all of your support and for being part of such an amazing community.

    Subject: Reserve my Warrior Dash

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