• Album: "Opalescence" Fundraising Album for TheLostNarrator!

    Reecently, TheLostNarrator was rushed to the hospital. Videos showed up all over the fanfiction reading community with links to help her, considering her finances didn't allow the surgery that was required. Within a few days, this album showed up in our email. As far as we know on Twitter, TheLostNarrator has had her surgery and is doing well. Get well Lost!

    After the break, check out "Opalescence", a HUGE album with 26 songs and a Paypal link if you want to donate to help out Lost. The album's proceeds are going to help Lost with her medical expenses while any additional profits will go towards Lost's hand-picked charity: The Jed Foundation. I'll also post Lost's video for those who were out of the loop.

    Thank you to everyone for putting this album together and anyone who helped out Lost through her difficult time. Let's hope she gets well soon so that she could scare us all some more.

    The album link is right here or you can check out the video's description for more information as well as the names of those who contributed. Lost's Paypal for those who want to donate is TheLostNarrator@Gmail.com.