• (Debunked - Fan animation) ) Full 2 Minute Long Animatic Appears

    (Big Jim swooped in and dispelled this one again! It's still really cool though, so go check it out! )

    This morning in the wild west of the internet, a series of animatics sporting a season 6, episode 1 file name were posted without explanation to the masses.

    We don't have confirmation yet on how legitimate they are, and the style is definitely slightly different from the ones we have seen in the past (which have also varied slightly), but at two minutes and following so closely to the reveal of the new character a few days ago, it would be quite the accomplishment to create this so quickly, unlike the much shorter one from a few days ago that didn't follow perfectly with the teaser.

    Anyway, go get it below the break! Expect spoilers if it is real.

     (Note: Since i'm sure this will come up, it is using PNG format instead of TIFF, which seems to be the new standard at DHX with the Flurry Hearts trailer also running PNG)
    Thanks to Itan Imano for sending it!
    Twitter: WeAreBorgPony