• Possible Season 6 Starlight Animatic Appears on Tumblr? (Update - Fan Made Confirmed)

    Season 6 is right around the corner, but this time around we don't have an SDCC to drool over an animatic at. We can't find any information on what this is exactly, be it a fan animatic or real one, but it definitely seems to fit what we expect from the season opener based on the releases earlier this week. Apparently it has been rolling around Tumblr. Make of that what you will.

    Below the break, either a new fan animation, or a season 6 animatic!

    (Youtube longer version uploaded) 

    Youtube full version:

    Alternate GiF short version link

    Considering the season opener is most likely the Flurry Hearts episode, this wouldn't be too far fetched at all.


    (Note: Big Jim Confirms fake!) 

    Thanks to Joshua for the heads up!