• Random Merch: Easter Stuff, Shoes, Dancing Mat, and More!

    Easter may be a pretty long way away, but that doesn't mean stores aren't already listing junk for it! This giant pile of pony was found at Ride Aid by Swift Blaze.

    And below the break, tons of random merch! Go get it.

    Valentines Plushie Cup

    Found At: Kmart
    Found By: Duel Monster

    Ice Cube Tray

    Pony Shaped Ice Cubes?! Yes

    Found At: Fred Meyer
    Found By: Jay

    Random Pony Shoes

    Found At: Cross Way
    Found By: Richard

    Sparkly Rainbow Dash Flipeez Bag

    Found At: Walmart
    Found By: Framwinkle. Aoife

    Wall Decals

    Found At:  Walmart
    Found By: sXeBrony

    Easter Eggs

    Found At: Toys R' Us
    Found By: Loretta

    Dancing Mat

    Found At: Good will
    Found By: Wesley

    Rainbow Dash Key Cap

    I dont know if anyone ever asked for these, but it exists.

    Found At: Ebay
    Found By:  Julian