• Music of the Day #631

    Remember that one time when Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy drank too much cider and Fluttershy convinced her to get married to a tree?  Who knew that was even legal in Equestria. No surprise Fluttershy was a pro in those laws.

    Get your music of the Day below!

    [1] Source

    Moonrise: A Symphonic Metal Opera - SkyBolt Lyric Video by SkyBolt

    Instrumental - Symphonic

    [2] Source

    PhonicB∞m - Some Kind of Monster (VIP) by Phonic Boom

    Instrumental - Complextro/Metal

    [5] Source

    Denz Xavier - Forgive by Denz Xavier

    Vocal - Alternative Rock

    [9] Source

    [Group Collab] Friends Are Always There For You Collab Cover! (ft. Many YouTubers) by ~Silver Swirls~

    Cover -  Group thingy