• Music of the Day #632

    Moondancer went back in time and got some music that was lost from the last Music of the Day! She also invited you to be her companion as she travels across the universe. What do you choose? Music of Moondancer?

    Get the music below.

    [1] Source

    Ponycide - Hope & Sorrow (Trip Hop) by P0nycide

    Instrumental - Trip Hop

    [2] Source

    {Electro-Swing} - Doin' the (Equestrian) Jive by iDeltaVelocity

    Instrumental - Electro Swing

    [3] Source

    Segments Of life - Satellites (Second version) by Segments Of Life

    Instrumental - Post-Hardcore

    [4] Source

    Unspoken Orignal Song MarbleMac AshleyH ft Speedy Tempo by Ashley H

    Vocal - Sentimental Ballad

    [5] Source

    SlightlyAmiss - Looking Back by SrightryAmiss

    Vocal - Acoustic

    [6] Source

    [EXPLICIT] Twilight Sparkle Sings Downtown by Macklemore by Ashley H

    Vocal - Rap

    [8] Source

    Sights Unseen - I Won't Die (MLP Song) by Sights Unseen

    Vocal - Orchestral