• FillyCon Announcements - Website, Volunteers, Tickets and More

    FillyCon has a bunch of small announcements for you guys tonight ranging from a new website, to volunteers and vendor information. Basically if you want the low down on what is happening with the convention right now then check on after the break for all the new information.

    We are in the process of giving the website a complete overhaul to reflect all the content and information that will be coming your way; very cool. The new site will be more interactive, graphically beautiful and much more informative. We are also planning some neat features integration, keep watching for more on this as it rolls out.
    Fundraising (Ticket/Badge) Portal:
    -We have raised more money which has enabled us to start work on many areas of the convention but there is still work to do! Did you grab your ticket yet? We have so much in store but we still need your support to pull it all together, grab your ticket today and tell your friends!
    -Additionally, we are working on a better, cheaper, more efficient system for the badge purchasing process. This will mean in the near future we will be gravitating away from the existing gofundme page but fear not, all tickets already purchased will be entered into the new system to make picking up your badge at the convention seamless.
    We want to tell everyone that the venue announcement is right around the corner. So much has been done and we cant wait to tell you about whats in store. Stay Tuned!
    Vendor applications are open, we have already approved the first wave of vendors and we will be announcing them shortly. The vendor hall is going to be chock full of a wide variety of your favorite pony merch but we still have spots open. If you want to vend or want your favorite vendor to be there spread the word and apply (or have them do the same).

    Volunteer Applications: 
    Would you like to help run the event? Do you want to pitch in and lend a hoof? If the answer to those is yes then we want to hear from you! Head on over to our volunteer page and apply for staff!

    Community Guests:
    We have some pretty cool community guests coming to this thing. We have been networking fiercely to get you guys some awesome programming in the first year, this is whats in place so far (with plenty more to come).
    -FlufflePuff will be here to host a panel as well about everyone’s favorite fluffy pony, be sure to join him for fun that is sure to ensue!
    -Several other guests booked as well stay tuned for announcement!
    Concert Entertainment:
    -Light & Laser show by the ILDA award winning “LunaPhase Lasers”
    -DJ Garnika
    Live Band:
    Shakeups From Ponyville
    Show Talent/VIP Guests:
    We are presently working on securing some cool people for you to meet and interact with at the convention, keep an eye out for these announcements.
    Charitable Giving:
    Charity Auction- We are in the background working on setting up the primary beneficiary of the charity auction.
    Additional Charitable Giving: We have partnered with “Brony Thank You Fund” who will also be accepting donations on site.

    Twitter: Calpain