• MLP: CCG Regionals - Jayson Thiessen autograph cards!

    My Little Pony Collectible Card Game autograph card Dr. Hooves Jayson Thiessen

    A big reminder to anyone out there who's interested in the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, Regionals continue this weekend in a bunch of locations across North America. Be sure to check out the map if you haven't already planned ahead!

    There's some extra motivation to attend this time - each location has two copies of the never before released Dr. Hooves, Time Walker seen above, one for the winner of the event and one to give away to a random participant. In other words, even if you don't consider yourself the best player around, you could still walk out with a limited edition Dr. Hooves card signed by Jayson Thiessen!

    Why Mr. Thiessen? Well, not only was he the director of Friendship is Magic for years before moving on to the 2017 film, and not only is this the first time his autograph is seen on any official MLP autograph cards, but Jayson was also one of Dr. Hooves's illustrious voice actors before Peter New claimed the role for himself in Slice of Life.

    Participants at regionals also get a special promo foil version of Heart's Desire just for playing, and each Top 8 player also gets a playmat and sweet Applejack, Carbo-Loader promo foil. And for the cream of the crop, the Top 2 get postcards inviting them to play in the 2016 Continental Championships. For the full Facebook post, take a peek below the break.

    From Enterplay's Facebook page:

    Don't miss out on MLP: CCG Winter Regionals! The second half of them arrive this weekend, so check out the map and find the closest one to you -

    Map: https://goo.gl/pqnJH5

    Never been to an MLP: CCG event? This is a great time to try one out, because each regional location has two autographed Dr. Hooves, Time Walker cards to give away - one for the winner and one as a random giveaway among all participants! Each participant also receives a copy of the new special foil Pf19 Heart's Desire just for joining in.

    The first regionals at Ponycon NYC and across the US and Canada have been a great success, with a fun variety of decks seen in action and often making it into the Top 8. Each Top 8 player earns a special foil Pf17 Applejack, Carbo-Loader, plus one of these cute new Carbo-Loader playmats, and the Top 2 get invitations to the Continental Championships to be held later this year!