• Announcing the GalaCon 2016 Cosplay Contest

    For those who like to show off their awesome pony costumes to those who will be in Ludwigsburg this summer: Galacon announced the cosplay contest for the 2016 edition of the con.

    Find the press release below the break or over here.

    Announcing the GalaCon 2016 Cosplay Contest

    Five months to go – just the right time for preparing your costume to take part in the upcoming cosplay contest!

    Like in the last years, the main aspect is fun. Everyone can take part, no matter whether you are a total beginner or a professional cosplayer.

    Using the feedback from last year´s contest, we reviewed our concept again with the generous help of the professional cosplayers Lan and Fafa from Germany, who will also be part of the jury this year. The new concept is more simple, more fair to all participants and tries to meet the needs of professional cosplayers more than in the bygone years. The all-new Judgement Guidelines (see link) control the jury’s work and helps you to understand their decisions.

    If you are interested, feel free to sign up. Our team will check your application and give you a feedback as soon as possible. Please note that there are two separate application forms for groups (see link) and single applicants (see link) this year.

    Please make sure that you have read the rules (see link) and privacy terms (see link) before applying. By posting the application, you declare your consent with these rules.

    Twitter: Gameleon